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Texas Wakeboard Camp

Texas Wakeboard Camp

Texas Wakeboard Camp

BSR Cable Park puts on the finest wakeboard camp Texas has to offer. With two lil-bro lines plus the main cable in operation you’ll never find your self in line. The morning hours are offered exclusively for campers. Learn from the pros at BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas.

We’re helping BSR with SEO. In early November if you searched “Texas Wakeboard Camp” in google they were shown on the 3rd page. BSR is now the 4th listing on the first page. If you type “Texas Cable Park Camp” They are now the first listing. In early nov they were listed on the second page for this term.

Putting the pressure on by showing this in the making. :) We should be the top listing for “Texas Wakeboard Camp” within 30-60 days.


speaking at UMHB

Speaking at UMHB

Dr. Dalby was no doubt my favorite teacher while at UMHB so going back and speaking at UMHB is always a joy.  I think of my college years now a lot like I think my high school football days.  Every time I go to a game I can’t help but wish I could put on some pads and go play.  I feel the same way in a class room. The students are so young and excited and have so much time. I encouraged them to start something now.  College is the greatest time to start a business.
speaking at UMHB

street GM Video

Question 3 May Be The Best Testimonial Ever

We launched to the public on May, 26th. The site has gone absolutely bonkers. Keri and Lance Terrell are our administrative partners for the Amarillo market and have knocked it out of the park.  Keri sent what I feel is one of the best testimonials for our business I’ve seen yet.  Question 3 is the best and is below.

We’re also #1 on most advertisers Google Analytics.
Check out this report from Mr. Rooter Amarillo.

Comanche County Memorial Hospital Lawton, OK

Website Marketing Lawton Ok

We launched to the public Jan. 1.  Comanche County Memorial Hospital is the largest medical facility in the area and purchased a good sized ad on LawtonBoard.  CCMH uses google analytics to track their incoming traffic and has shown LawtonBoard in the #1 location since launch.  We will continue to update this post with new information about Lawtonboard performance with the hospital.

*Google analytics report provided by Comanche County Memorial Hospital
Comanche County Memorial Hospital

BSR Cable Park Waco

Cable Park Marketing

Last week I met with Stuart Parsons owner of BSR Cable Park in Waco, TX.  The point of our meeting was to establish new organic search terms for his website.  Organic terms meaning he DOES NOT pay per click.  The first term on the list was “Cable Park of the year”.  In less than one week we were able to list BSR Cable Park as the #1 organic seed for the term. Don’t believe me? Go to Google and search “cable park of the year” to get the below result.  #Success #CablePark

BSR Cable Park Waco

What About Cupckaes Waco

Waco’s Best Cupcakes

What About Cupcakes are no doubt my favorite cupcakes in Waco.  They’ve also been a client since 2009.  We built their website and helped to seed it highly on Google.  Laura Hill the owner says having A organic Google placement has been one of their ingredients for success.  Below is a list of terms that What About Cupcakes is currently listed A.

  • Waco’s Best Cupcakes

  • Waco Cupcakes

  • Waco Cupcake Delivery

  • Cupcakes Waco

  • Baylor Cupcake Delivery

What About Cupckaes Waco

Don’t trust my results? Head over to Google and search for your self.