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Patricks Dry Clean Super Center - Waco, TX

Patrick’s Dry Clean Super Center – Waco, Texas

[success]Patrick’s Dry Clean Super center is a dry cleaners located in Waco, Texas and has 2 locations. Prior to our work they were unlisted on Google Maps and found several pages back in organic results.  After a website rebuild and proper Google Maps setup they are now the “A” result on Google Maps and organic search for terms relating to Dry Cleaning in Waco.[/success]

Patricks Dry Clean Super Center - Waco, TX

Seeding Up – Unranked to #1 in 3 Months

BSR Cable Park is now seeding A organically for the term “Best Cable Park Ever”.  This is the result of proper blog setup and site indexing.  Our goal is to be A for the term “Best Cable Park”.  Check out the below screen shot with the results high-lighted in red.

Best Cable Park ever