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Brewery SEO

Marble Falls Brewery

Brewery SEOSave The World Brewing Co. is Marble Fall’s newest brewery and has been open a little longer than a year. We built a new website about six months ago and have been working with them to gain top organic Google placement in Google Maps and Google Organic search. So far we’ve been able to take the top terms for.

Double Horn is our competition for the terms and is well established with more than 4 years of business and website presence. We will continue to update this post as we make progress with more terms.

What About Cupckaes Waco

Waco’s Best Cupcakes

What About Cupcakes are no doubt my favorite cupcakes in Waco.  They’ve also been a client since 2009.  We built their website and helped to seed it highly on Google.  Laura Hill the owner says having A organic Google placement has been one of their ingredients for success.  Below is a list of terms that What About Cupcakes is currently listed A.

  • Waco’s Best Cupcakes

  • Waco Cupcakes

  • Waco Cupcake Delivery

  • Cupcakes Waco

  • Baylor Cupcake Delivery

What About Cupckaes Waco

Don’t trust my results? Head over to Google and search for your self.

Top Google Location in 3 months

BSR Cable Park Now A for “Cable Park”

[success] Another term locked down. Search the term “cable park” on google and odds are you will fin BSR Cable Park on the first page of results.  This is a direct result of our work.[/success]

Top Google Location in 3 months

Patricks Dry Clean Super Center - Waco, TX

Patrick’s Dry Clean Super Center – Waco, Texas

[success]Patrick’s Dry Clean Super center is a dry cleaners located in Waco, Texas and has 2 locations. Prior to our work they were unlisted on Google Maps and found several pages back in organic results.  After a website rebuild and proper Google Maps setup they are now the “A” result on Google Maps and organic search for terms relating to Dry Cleaning in Waco.[/success]

Patricks Dry Clean Super Center - Waco, TX

What About Cupcakes - Waco, Texas

What About Cupcakes – Waco, Texas

[success] What About Cupcakes is a boutique cupcake shop located in Waco, Texas.  We’re proud to have built their website and are responsible for their Google Maps and organic “A” listings.  Searching Google for a number of Waco / cupcake related terms will field their business listing in the “A” location. [/success]What About Cupcakes - Waco, Texas

Austin Projector Rentals - A Google listing

Austin Projector Rentals – Google A Listing

[success]Austin Projector Rentals is a full service audio video rental company located in Austin, Texas.  Allmost all phone calls to the business come as a result of their website and online presence.  Their Google listing plays a key role in the businesses success.[/success]

Austin Projector Rentals - A Google listing

Seeding Up – Unranked to #1 in 3 Months

BSR Cable Park is now seeding A organically for the term “Best Cable Park Ever”.  This is the result of proper blog setup and site indexing.  Our goal is to be A for the term “Best Cable Park”.  Check out the below screen shot with the results high-lighted in red.

Best Cable Park ever